Social Facilities

Social Features

Wide variety of social activities is offered for you to enjoy before or after work hours.
There are large gyms to help you keep fit and healthy, relax and regenerate after the stressful hours of work.
Social facilities which are favored and required by a modern person include indoor swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, daycare center, study unit, lounge and vitamin bar.

Social Facilities

Indoor Swimming Pool: A hot day in Istanbul… You have been worn out because of a hectic business tempo and heat. But you are lucky! Your office is at a plaza which lets you to jump in cool waters during lunch break or any break you can spare. You, our valuable client, can find this opportunity in LAPİS HAN!

Sauna: Do you want to get rid of the stress of work, relax and have a rest in one of the hot, humid and wooden cabins in the sauna of your plaza? Yes, it is possible at LAPİS HAN, the place you work.

Fitness Center: Being fit is an added value today, so fitness is indispensible. Fitness Center is at the top of the list of social facilities with its big capacity, modern equipment and professional trainers.

Daycare Center: LAPİS HAN provides a critical service with its daycare center where children at 3-6 ages can be left. The major problem of working mothers is to find a place or somebody to leave their children with ease of mind. This service aims to avoid the interruption of business life by those unexpected problems.

Study Unit: More unexpected issues can happen related to children at 7-13 ages. They can get sick, be on holiday or you may not find someone to take care of them. LAPİS HAN solves the problem of such parents with its study unit. In emergency, this unit provides a space for your child to read, to study or socialize with other children.

Lounge: LAPİS HAN reserves a special place for the people who want to relax and enjoy their free time in a green environment. Lounge services in the plaza will help you enjoy your break times to the full.